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renay started this conversation
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Hi this is Renay again. I just found out that my husband has terminal cancer and doesn't have long to live. We seperated a few months after my father passed away mainly because I just couldn't deal with things. See at 13 I watched my 9 yr old brother get his heart blown out, at 17 they found my mother in her apt dead she had been murdered, at 19 I laid my 7 day old infant son down to nap and he never woke up. Thru all of this heartache and pain I always had my daddy. You know my daddy could put his arms around me pat me on the back and say its gonna be ok baby and I just knew that it would be ok he was my rock,he was home,and I still don't know how to deal with this my dad was a part of mine and Tonys(my husband) everyday lives. My dad came to the bar(my family has had a local bar and grill for 27yrs)after breakfast and stayed until it was bedtime. We were buddies and Tony my lord my dad loved him he called him "son" and Tony was so proud of that because my dad has NEVER liked anyone I dated,talked to or anything else no one was good enough in his eyes,but Tony he took to him from the start. So loosing my dad was rough on both of us and I guess i made worse mainly by not acknowledging that Tony lost something to and drowning myself in self pity so we seperated we have been still seeing each other exclusively but not living together and since he moved an hour away and i don't have a car not as often as we wanted either. Now Gods gonna take him too. I don't understand. We have not moved back together because we don't have the money. Our home doesnt have the lights because I couldn't pay the bill, buy my medicine and try to keep the business . Please Please help me All I want is to spend these last few months with my baby God he's all I got left and I don't know what I'm gonna do when that time comes because he is my heart and I love him so very much I guess I need to put how much I need. for a couple of months around $2500.00 should take care of bills and groceries but anything is a help right now. Thank You for your consideration Renay

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